If you want to come across as more professional, credible, and experienced you need a website. When someone goes on Google and searches your name and a website comes up, it automatically shows that you care about what you do. 

If you are just using a social media profile to showcase your business, your customization capabilities are limited. When you have your own website for your business you can build brand awareness with unlimited customization. 
In a modern world where so many people rely on the internet to search for things they need, having a website will allow you to customize and contour everything about you and your business, much more than just a social media profile.

According to Oberlo.com, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. By having a website visible for your keywords you can be found with an online search to the people interested in working with you

Another reason to have a website is because it is cost-effective with low overhead. You no longer need to rent at an expensive location and set up a brick and mortar shop. There are many people with websites where they can set up e-commerce capabilities and accept payments, and they do so entirely through their websites. This gives anyone interested in starting their own business an advantage, with a low cost of entry for anyone interested.

If you want to effectively promote a product or service on the internet having a website that is both desktop and mobile-friendly is critical. There are a few elements that can make your website excellent.

Years ago, businesses were limited in who they could reach and it was usually only on a local level where they could operate. With a website and through the use of marketing, you can reach people nationally and even internationally to promote your website.

When you hire a web designer, you should expect that they will incorporate these important elements into the website. Remember, the most important pieces of a website; responsive, fast loading, user experience, visual aesthetics, and conversion optimization.