Why You Need A Website For Your Business

If you want to come across as more professional, credible, and experienced you need a website. When someone goes on Google and searches your name and a website comes up, it automatically shows that you care about what you do.

Nothing is more frustrating from a Google searchers perspective than when you can’t find information on a business because their website doesn’t exist.

how don't you have a website

If you are just using a social media profile to showcase your business, your customization capabilities are limited. When you have your own website for your business you can build brand awareness with unlimited customization and personalization.

In a modern world where so many people rely on the internet to search for things they need, having a website will allow you to customize and contour everything about you and your business.  It allows for much more than just a social media profile.

Google Searchability

Based on data from Oberlo.com, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. By having a website visible for your keywords you can be found with an online search to the people interested in working with you.

Your keywords for your website are pivotal for search, so by creating rich content around your keywords you are helping to boost your results on Google to get you higher. 

According to SEMRush – there are four different types of searches on Google.

  • Informational keywords — searchers looking for an answer to a specific question or general information.
  • Navigational keywords — searchers intending to find a specific site or page.
  • Commercial keywords — searchers looking to investigate brands or services.
  • Transactional keywords — searchers intending to complete an action or purchase.

Enhancing your website using search engine optimization, is a necessary part of any good web design process. By doing so you can increase exposure, generate more leads and sales, or promote affiliate products.

why you need a website for your business

Complete Customization

Thanks to WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace you have complete customization abilities of your website. With thousands of themes that help to create a website seamlessly, anyone can get a basic website up and running.

For a majority of websites, WordPress is the go to solution. With plugins like elementor you can customize the look, feel, and user interface of your site to make it align with your brand.

If you want to effectively promote a product or service on the internet having a website that is both desktop and mobile-friendly is critical. Of course not everyone has the skillset or patience to do this on their own, so sometimes you may have to pay a web designer to help.

When you hire a web designer, you should expect that they will incorporate these important elements into the website. Remember, the most important pieces of a website; responsive, fast loading, user experience, visual aesthetics, and conversion optimization.

Your Website Builds Value Over Time

A website is an asset, in the same way your home is an asset. By continuously working on your website, creating more content, getting higher in search results, and acquiring emails from your email campaign – you are building value. Over time your website is deemed more credible in the eyes of Google and the value of your domain increases.

There is a reason that people use tools like Godaddy Auctions where domains can sell from $10 to $100,000. As a matter of fact some websites can sell for millions. Here is a list of all the most expensive domains ever sold.

Like anything else, building the value of your website will take time, creativity, and investments but it can serve as a superb wealth generator. 

domain auctions

Can Give You Passive Income

Having and maintaining a website is cost-effective with low overhead. You no longer need to rent at an expensive location and set up a brick and mortar shop.

Before the internet exploded businesses were limited in who they could reach. For many small businesses it was usually only on a local level where they could operate. With a website and through the use of marketing, you can reach people nationally and even internationally to promote your website and sell your products and services.

There are many people with websites where they can set up e-commerce capabilities and accept payments, and they do so entirely through their websites.

It can unlock passive income for you if you sell a digital product on your website such as a how to guide, course, or templates within your niche. It gives anyone interested in starting their own business an advantage, with a low cost of entry.