Five Reasons To Invest In Digital Marketing

five reasons to invest in digital marketing

There is no doubt about it, online business is a hot market right now. The internet is teeming with business owners who are all competing for one thing – your attention. In order to drive traffic, increase conversions, and raise brand awareness you must have a digital marketing strategy in place. Here are five reasons to invest in digital marketing.

Brand Awareness

According to, Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day. By having a website visible for your keywords you can be found with an online search to the people interested in working with you

Whether you are found through Google, Facebook, Pinterest, or affiliate ads – getting people to see your brand and understand what you offer helps to build trust. Over time they may build a bond with your brand and trust you enough to do business.

Engage with your customers using authentic and consistent messaging, and you will see an increase in brand awareness.

Brick And Mortar Is Not Necessary

If you’re simply operating an online business and investing in digital marketing, you don’t need to rent or lease at an expensive location and set up a brick-and-mortar shop. This means you can save on expenses because you don’t need insurance, there is no cost of building maintenance, no property taxes, or expenses associated with utilities.

Reach More People Than Traditional Local Business

Before the internet, businesses were limited in who they could reach and it was usually only on a local level where they could operate. With a website and through the use of marketing, you can reach people nationally and even internationally to promote your website and showcase your products or services.

When you hire a web designer, you should expect that they will incorporate these important elements into the website. Remember, the most important pieces of a website; responsiveness, fast loading time, user experience, visual aesthetics, and conversion optimization.

If you want to effectively promote a product or service on the internet having a website that is both desktop and mobile-friendly is critical.

Leverage The Immense Power Of Facebook Ads

The power of Facebook ads can not be understated. If you use ad retargeting on Facebook you can segregate groups of target customers who may have visited your web pages or business page but never took any action. By using retargeting you can send targeted ads to those people as they browse through other areas of the internet.

For the record, using video ads is the most effective way of getting conversions. Studies show that targeted leads are more likely to engage with video than with text or image.

Everyone Is Online Shopping

People are online now more than ever before, sifting through online marketplaces, watching videos, reading blogs, researching new places to go. The data shows that people are online shopping for both products and services at an exponential rate. Many consumers do all of their shopping online now, especially after the pandemic. Digital marketing is the best way to reach these individuals to tell them about what you do and why they should work with you