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Mylar Marketing is a trusted digital marketing agency, specializing in web design, paid search/PPC, SEO, social media, and reputation management.


Our mission is to create innovative and results-driven digital marketing campaigns to connect your small business with your target audience 

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Frequently Asked Questions
About SEO

SEO is the process of getting your web page, company, product, or service to the top of Google results. You created a web page so you could get more visibility for your business. So if you are a landscaper in Charlotte NC you want to rank first for “landscaping services in Charlotte NC” 

For a website to have authority and credibility, it also has to have high quality content. A great way to increase your Google rankings is to consistently create blog posts that are informative, interesting, and engaging. 

Domain authority is a metric that was originally created by Moz.com to help SEO specialists. It is simply a good indicator that will help you assess the search performance of your website in relation to your competitors.

Both! Any good marketing strategy will have a blend of paid advertising and an SEO strategy. When these are done in the right manner it can skyrocket revenue for a website.

Local citations are listings of a business’s information online. Local business owners need to ensure that their info including website, business description, email, hours, and location are all accurate. Therefore building these citations should be high priority for expanding your visibility and authority online. This is one of the ways you can increase your local Google map search results.

Without alt text, your images are much less likely to rank on Google Images since it’s part of an SEO strategy. The alt text value shows on a page in cases where the user has a very slow internet speed. It also increases accessibility of web pages since visually impaired individuals can hear a description of a page using screen readers.

When you add or edit the meta description to a web page you are editing the snippets that appear in Google results underneath the URL link. This snippet of text may appear in the search engine results under your headline.  However, in some cases the search engines will take a snippet of text from the main body copy of the page instead.

By altering your meta descriptions you have the oppurtunity to add something enticing, relatable, and includes your keywords. This is another important step in any well structured SEO strategy.

Backlinks are simply links from one website to another page on another website. Google looks at backlinks as votes of confidence. Therefore a webpage with a high number of reputable backlinks generally has higher search results. This is just one piece of the puzzle within SEO

How quickly your page loads is a very important part of SEO. Believe it or not it is one of the important factors for Google’s algorithm.

Sluggish websites that don’t load fast turn visitors away. Faster sites provide good user experiences for your visitors, and Google will rank those sites higher than slow-loading ones.

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Growing your company means partnering with a digital marketing agency incorporating, and expanding, web design, SEO, and PPC industry best practices to drive your success online.

By bringing all your digital marketing together into one robust strategy, you’ll get better results, reduce hassles, and save money doing it. Let us solve your digital marketing challenges.

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Understanding your needs and expectations are the first step to seeing if we’re a good fit for each other. So let’s begin by letting us do a no cost digital assessment on your website. 

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Mylar Marketing is a Digital marketing agency specializing in SEO, web design, paid search advertising (PPC), social media, and reputation management

 If your company is looking to grow in 2023, we can help. Through proven web design strategies and a track record of performance delivering SEO results and PPC campaigns, we can help you achieve a new level of sales growth.

We work and have worked with a variety of industries such as contractors, developers, real estate agents, restaurants, lawyers, and dentists. We tend to contract with service based businesses versus e-commerce brands. There are subtle differences in a digital marketing strategy based on industry, but there are some things that remain the 

The CMS that we use the most often is WordPress – since it offers a variety of excellent plugins, customization, and it’s easy for our clients to maintain. WordPress powers roughly 43% of all websites on the internet, and can be used for blogs, e-commerce, informational websites, and more.

We manage social media channels for our clients. Depending on their needs our services can range from content calendar creation, engagement, video creation, content creation, hashtagging, and event marketing. The social media channels that we manage are only on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. We currently do not offer Twitter, TikTok, or Pinterest advertising.

We are very keen on Google Ads since there is often times a transactional intent there. We work hard to ensure that your ads represent your business well, and continuously optimize them.

One of the metrics we use is Quality Score. This is an estimate of the keywords, quality of your ads, and landing pages. If those elements are not done correctly, the ads won’t perform as well as they should.

There is no one size fits all price for our services. What we do instead is give you an estimate based on your needs. To do this we would offer a consultation where we could discover what would be the most effective strategy for you within your budget.

There is a reason so many businesses have chosen and continue to choose Mylar Marketing as their digital marketing provider. We have helped businesses understand what tools and tactics will help them grow and has executed a strategy to satisfy their needs. 


I encourage you to email me at info@mylarmarketing.com so we can discuss your business at length.

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